6th & Brushy

6th & Brushy was developed in 2007. It sits just east of I35 and, accordingly, some of the units have fantastic views of Downtown Austin.

6th & Brushy Complex and Design

There are 22 units, some of them commercial.

The 6th & Brushy styling is highly industrialized. If funky, modern and stark are word that appeal to you in combination, check these out! The kitchen finish out is pretty spectacular.

6th & Brushy Location

What’s not to like? Pop under the I35 underpass and you’re in Downtown Austin. Head the other way on E6th and you’re at Buenos Aires Cafe. One block over you have Progress Coffee. All serious Austin hotspots.

6th & Brushy Condo Search

Units are not often on the market. If you’d like me to alert you if anything arises, let me know!