Pedernales Condos

The Pedernales SignThe Pedernales Condos were built in 2004, offering more affordable loft living than what people could find in Downtown Austin. These East Austin condos are now available for resale.

The building has 104 urban lofts and commercial units.

What are Pedernales Condos like?

Ceilings are 11’ high. Floors are concrete. There are exposed beams and some piping that you’ll find the in units.

Some of the larger units with two bathrooms have defined bedroom spaces but many are more open, leaving the owner to decide – walls or no walls?

The Pedernales and Paint

The style allows for lots of creativity. More than any other condos I know, how these units are painted has a huge impact on what kind of style the unit “takes” – people go modern, traditional funky, kitsch, sexy and so on. You decide!

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