File your Homestead Exemption now

Homestead tax exemption applications for your principal Central Austin residence are due between January 1 and April 30 every year. To make sure you file your Travis County tax exemption application on or before the deadline, now is a great time to file.

The same form can be used for the following exemptions:

  • general residential
  • 65 or older
  • disability
  • disabled veterans (100%)
  • 55 or older surviving spouses of someone who had the 65 or older

The process is pretty simple. Go to the Travis County forms page and find the link for the homestead exemption form. The directions for the form are on page 2.

What does the exemption mean?

Travis County homestead exemptions remove part of the taxable value of your principal Austin residence and later cap its growth, thereby reducing the overall tax burden to you of owning a home in Austin.

See Travis County tax breaks for more useful information on these Travis County tax breaks.

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